The current best evidence shows that primary care triage education influences the practice and knowledge of primary health care providers which can lead to an improvement in the qualitative indices in both outpatient healthcare facilities and inpatient or emergency departments. 

Afyafrica Orthopedic Services is dedicated in facilitating continuous medical education and mentorship programs to qualified physiotherapists, orthopedic sports and other primary care providers. This includes the teaching of theoretical and practical triage training based on the current concepts in orthopedics and the implementation of the ICF guidelines as recommended by world health organization. Treatments for non-operative musculoskeletal impairments, neurological, cardiopulmonary and women’s health populations are taught by an interdisciplinary team of highly skilled African, European, American, and Asian healthcare professionals. 

Courses offered are in the following specialties:

Orthopedic and musculoskeletal science

Pain science and clinical rehabilitation

Neurological science and clinical rehabilitation

Cardiopulmonary science and rehabilitation

Women health and rehabilitation