Physiotherapy without borders (clinical instruction and mentorship)

Physiotherapy without borders (clinical instruction and mentorship)

Afyafrica orthopedic services has a philosophy of Reaching out Teaching and Treating.

We are a revolutionary forward-thinking healthcare institution composed of an interdisciplinary team of highly trained medical and rehabilitation experts. At Afyafrica our clinical specialists provide patient care and rehabilitation services; in addition we offer continuous medical education with a focus on practical clinical education to East African health care providers with a vision to create a clinical environment and cultivate a culture of healthcare providers that emphasizes on the use of current evidence -based practice and patient centered care as well as fostering excellence. 

Today Afyafrica Orthopedic Services celebrates Victoria Zabali from Uganda a third-year student at Mulago institute of allied health sciences physiotherapy school. Her zeal and energy for our noble profession met everywhere with conspicuous success after a one-week clinical interaction and active mentorship in our clinics with our best clinicians. Victoria represents a new era of healthcare providers with strong urge to constantly reach out and seek of quality information on evidence-based practice that fosters better care and measurable outcomes in pain and disability.

With the proliferation of evidence-Based practice in East African physiotherapists and healthcare providers, practice patterns that include current best evidence has been demonstrated to be superior to non-evidence based approaches for effective patient centered management, Physical therapists that stick to practice guidelines decrease costs, and increase quality of care!(Julie M.fritz 2007)

Reach out to Afyafrica Orthopedic Services for practical clinical instruction and experience the best out of our best clinicians.

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