Thank you to all my mentors/Lecturers 2019 success story.

Thank you to all my mentors/Lecturers 2019 success story.


‘’Small world’’ a phrase used by BRYANT NAYLOR, a patient of ours whom I treated in our clinic during the festive season.

Mr. Bryant Naylor was referred to our clinic by a therapist from cross fit kwetu specifically for dry needling procedures which is one of our treatment models at the clinic.  I did the subjective and objective examination and we decided what could have been the possible diagnosis then came up with the treatment plan. But again, have in mind that we deal with humans, the people we treat have values and expectations, different cultural beliefs and different ideas of about their health that are gathered from different quarters within the health system. It’s not what usually happens in the clinician’s mind that is final, there is need for collaborative reasoning 

I administered dry needling procedure to my patient as top priority intervention with considerations of Sacket’s theory of the evidence-based approach, with specifications on patient’s values and expectations because he came to our clinic with the intention of receiving dry needling procedure. During our interaction, he did mention when he gets a good dry needling clinician, he feels much better. He also did mention needling is a Maintenance Program to keep his body relaxed.  Although I knew there is more, I could do to help him recovery fully.

During the 1st session I did dry needling alone and my patient responded well on outcomes in pain and disability, he was really happy to an extent of reporting to the referring therapist that ‘’your guy whom you sent me to for dry needling he is legit’’.  

 2nd visit was after one week he came in reported improvement with right hamstring tightness and soreness and asked if I am going to do dry needling procedure again. But my answer was we needed to reassess first. Afterwards, I explained the next step of the treatment and the procedures that am going to do.

During treatments, I always have conversations with my patients, this was my conversation with Bryant.

 Bryant:  where did you study?

Shadrack: Kenya Medical Training College. ‘’An answer he was not so convinced about”, you see if you do a great job in Africa, numerous clients usually assume that you did not get schooling within the boundaries of Kenya. That does cut across all sectors of service.

Shadrack:  this came with a lot of mentorship from top clinicians and lectures from the USA, Europe, Asia and the Majority from The Jackson’s clinics and the Jackson’s Foundation – from the USA.

Bryant:  are you kidding me? What a small world. The Jackson’s clinic? Do you know Ken?

Shadrack:  Ken Herbel?

Bryant: You mean you know him?!

Shadrack: Yes Ken Herbel was my lecturer in the clinical reasoning class and mentored me on examination evaluation and treatment of SIJ and hip.

Bryant: A small world indeed all the time you have been working on me doing all this mobilization I was imaging this is exactly what Kenn could be doing right now.

Bryant: He is such a genius and top physical therapist at the Jacksons. He helped me a lot when he came in as a second eye when I had groin and hip pain.

Bryant: ‘’ Do you have his photo?

Shadrack: ‘Yes I do I will show you after the treatment

Bryant: ‘’Yes this is Kenn.

SHADRACK:  ’Can we have a photo and I will share with him and put on our facebook page and tag Jacksons clinic and you as well.’’

Bryant: Yeah sure no problem

Note: after the treatment, the patient reported better improvement in pain and disability.


MR. Bryant Naylor made me reflect on the journey I have been through and still on as a clinician and educator and need to share the information and get active mentorship for better care.

Today I celebrate all my mentors and lecturers and just to name but a few.

Richard Jackson- The father of orthopaedic Manual therapy in Kenya

Elijah M. freeman. My mentor in the spinal conditions, clinical reasoning and as an educator

Ken Herbel- clinical reasoning lecturer and mentor in the SIJ and hip

Brett Windsor- Neck and thoracic spine

Craig Hensley – clinical reasoning

Chris porter- Low Back

Simeon Guy -Low Back

Lynn Matthews; Michele Miller- hip and knee

Amy Konvalin and Sara Kirkland- Shoulder, elbow and wrist

Deborah Nawoczenski-Foot and Ankle

Kyle Archelaus Hamblen- Exercise prescription

Katie Racihe – Exercise prescription

Steve Tepper – Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Ellen Hillegass – Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Amy Kirkland – Medical screening and Pharmacology, Geriatrics

Mariah Fuimaono – Geriatrics

Peter J. Levy – Neuromuscular Reeducation Level 1 and 2

Clare Waumsley- Dry needling level 1

Jacqueline Doidge- Dry needling level 2

Lukas Trimmel -FDM

Daniel Kangutu

Ruben kyui

The only treasure gift for my mentors/Lecturers is to improve my own self, but the success stories from the patients I get to treat and to give the right information to the clinicians that comes behind me for the growth of our noble profession.  

Big thank you to all


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