The 1st Afyafrica Orthopedic Services Annual General meeting. 2019.

The 1st Afyafrica Orthopedic Services Annual General meeting. 2019.

The first Afyafrica Orthopedic Services AGM 14/12/2019 was a success as the company marks it's milestones in health care delivery. It's our core duty to champion for better health to all across the population and to emphasize on biopsychosocial model and culture healthcare delivery system.

Embracing our philosophy of reach out teach and treat for the better care, we feel the need to strengthen Afyabora Mashinani Initiative to vast rural areas of the country and beyond. The aim is to create awareness in musculoskeletal and other non-communicable diseases encountered by the general population. It entails treatment of musculoskeletal conditions or pain, neourological and cardiovascular rehabilitation, pain science, general health, nutritional values and well-being, as well as complex trainings to simple strategies that involve disease prevention policies.

Afyafrica spearheads for research on African population in various conditions we encounter in and out of our health facilities basing on genetic composition, enculturation and believe systems.

The AGM was attended by clinicians, other professionals, patients, families and friends. The event was graced by the chairman of Kenya Society of Physiotherapists, Mr Henry Opondo Daniel.  His captured speech is “Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to be here this afternoon and a great honor to give the closing remarks on this first ever AfyAfrica AGM, but above all, your relentless effort to be here.

The beloved stakeholders, we have witnessed and appreciate the outstanding performance of AfyAfrica not only in CMEs but interventional curative treatment across East Africa and the entire Wishlist.

That is Mulago Hospital in Kampala. Lokicharin Turkana County and Daresalamin Tanzania.

Despite the scarce resources and the increased disease burden in our country, AfyAfrica continues to enhance a positive growth trajectory, not in-terms of profit earned but changing the health disparities in our communities. Today, a mother in Lokichar survives with 4 children after the demise of the husband. The children are all below 15 years of age. The mother fell on a rock when she went to look for water and pasture, she dislocated her shoulder and fracture her hip.

She has been living with pain and mobility deficit, this has cut her activity participation down by 60%.

She knows she need to get help of Doctor, but where and how?

This is a health disparity that AfyAfrica is bridging!

This top-line performance has been driven by the desire to alleviate human suffering of variables that are on our controls.

We recognize and appreciate your relentless focus on driving quality clinical interventions, customer service and cost effectiveness across the value chain. As a represented of the Kenya Society of Physiotherapist, I wish to assure the Directors and all the stakeholders of Afyafrica an immense support on governance, to create and open up avenues that can and will facilitate your sustainability as you continue with this noble call of humanity.

You can hold me accountable on this come next AGM!!

I wish to place a challenge to the Directors, to incorporate the Principles of Equity and the National Health Policy in our county. Yes, we have done well on Equality…..

What plans do we have for NCDs like Mental Health, Visual Impairments and palliative care among the rest?

What do we need to incorporate these health events in Mashinaniinitiative?

What do we need to incorporate these health events in Physiotherapy without borders?

Yes, the name says AFYAAFRICA ORTHOPEDIC SERVICES but orthopaedic is the backbone of the founders. Let’s make it broader and in line with the National Health Policy on individual countries, if its Pandemic; let us not talk of Endemic-we want Government buy in and so the other NGO’s because unity is strength!

Nevertheless, I wish to encourage and appreciate the positive culture in Afyafrica, the culture of Science driven interventions. It provides reliability and validity on your activities.

The Kenya Society of Physiotherapist is keen on empowering you on the field of research in our own society and the CMEs across the nations.

In closing, I would like to say that am excited about the year ahead, because of the strong pipeline of governance structures from which, appropriate and high impact policies shall be generated.

This will provide good momentum for AfyAfrica to build on its success. KSP will advance your energy to improve people’s lives.

I place on record my sincere thanks to the Senior Executive Team, Management and staff for their outstanding efforts during the year 2019. I know in this midst, are persons whose minds never rest, be rest assured your efforts will continue to place AfyAfrican stronger position to capture and create opportunities ahead.

With AfyAfrica along, I look forward to the years ahead with confidence.

Thank you.

Henry Opondo

Chairman-KSP 2019”.

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